Possible new mod

     Hello everyone, Mr. Infinium here for an important announcement! Infinium Studios has decided that after the main development stages of Become High King of Skyrim v2 is finished we will be moving on to the development of a new mod. A DLC sized mod. The mod information is current classified and is only know by BlastLord47, Mr. Infinium (Me), and Zindar55. All I can currently tell you is the name. Mannimarco: Reawakening. We hope you all stick with us through the current development of Become High King of Skyrim v2 and our next and newest project, Mannimarco: Reawakening.

     Questions, comments, or concerns? Email us directly at infiniummods@gmail.com! We respond to every email sent to us within 24-48 hours!

     Thanks for the constant support!

~Mr. Infinium, Founder and Administration

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