Become The High King V2 For Special Edition [XBOXONE & PC]

High King V2 has been ported to both XBOXONE and PC, PS4 will not be seeing a port due to Sony's restrictions on mods for PS4. If those restriction ever get lifted then a port will then be possible.
Become High King Of Skyrim V2 - WIP [XB1]
Become High King Of Skyrim V2 Special Edition
Become High King of Skyrim V2 SSE | Nexus
~ Zindar

BHKoSV2 - Skyrim Special Edition PC Port Beta!

Become High King of Skyrim V2 SSE Edition has been released in the form of a beta on the nexus. Check out.

Skyrim Special Edition & where Become High King is right now

Well, as some of you might know. Skyrim Special Edition was released and Infinium studios was asked when we'd release the mod for Special Edition. I'm here to say that development has been going smooth up until this point. Sadly the coding part of Become High King of Skyrim v2 is highly intricate and is a lot of work on it's own. Because of this issue we're putting back the release date for the XBOX port for a little while until we can fix this issue.

     I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause anyone. Any and all questions about Become High King of Skyrim v2 can be emailed directly to We'll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

     Thank you all for the constant support 😉!

~Mr.Infinium, Founder & Administration

BHKoS V2 XBOXONE Port in Progress

Its been insane the amount of people who have been asking for an XBOXONE port of BHKoS V2. Our original plan was to continue updating the mod on Skyrim, but due to the high volume of comments we will be shifting the port higher in priority.

~ Zindar, Co-Founder & Developer

High King for Special Edition [UPDATE]

As promised here is a follow up of the previous post addressing user’s questions on High King for SSE. After some research into what the true requirements are I discovered Become High King requires both SKSE, and SkyUI in order to function. That being said, until SKSE and SkyUI is released for SSE on PC it won't be High King won't be released on SSE for the time being. As for consoles High King will not be coming to PS4, too many custom assets are used to make the mod work properly. In fact, the only thing I could port over to PS4 is NPC's and locations that would be it, as PS4 supports no custom scripts. As for XboxOne our plan is to first release on PC, after finishing updating our current build, by that time SKSE for sure and possible SkyUI would be out to then make the port happen. More details will be released as to what that means for the original Skyrim's High King V2 when the time comes.

I hope I cleared up most of the questions and concerns on the matter. I wo…

High King for Special Edition?

Many are wondering if Become High King V2 will be coming to Skyrim Special Edition, and the answer is eventually. The reason is the mod is not the most stable mod out there and because of this needs major scripting overhauls. On special edition all the scripts would be redone and redone without SKSE which would take some features aways or limit what the mod has offered from the start. In short High King for Special Edition is being explored, if its possible I will follow up this post with further info.
~ Zindar55 Infinium Studio's Co-Founder/Dev

BHKoS V2 Update! - Progress so far?

Surprise were #notdead. The next update has been delayed quite a bit from our last post, but we are getting back on track. So to answer the long requested question of progress done to BHKoS V2. High Reach exterior has been continued and its basic outline is complete. Surgus hideout is being relocated to improve compatibility. Many mods that changes Markarth well remove Surgus hideout door making it impossible to get the quest to becoming king pretty hard. That starting quest is being fixed up a bit to make it easier to be king. Other bugs are being fixed as there found as per usually. A cinematic like trailer is being developed for our YouTube channel and steam page. A second trailer well be made to show off new features we have planned there is even custom soundtrack produced by StringStorm to sync the footage to in the second trailer.

For a more complete list of progress updated almost daily head to our trello page.

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